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R e c o r d i n g s

Luke in action with some of his projects


Big Bada Boomtown, Boomtown Festival 2013

Hello Cosmos

Let Love Be The Island Upon Which We Stand, 2019

The Soul Circle Gang

Ghost In The Night, 2013

A Man About A Dog

Hifi Club, Leeds, 2014

Nomad Drummers

Wakefield Cathedral One World Concert, 2011



Luke has played on the following recordings:

Hello Cosmos - Dream Harder

Dexter Dextrous and the Fingersmiths – The Enforcer

Bootscraper - Bootscraper

The Soul Circle Gang – Fresh Fruit/Umbrella of Life, Live In Session

Slamboree – The End Game, Cheeky Peepers EP,

The After Hours Quintet – Red Dust, The Balkan Bitchslap

Fighting Caravans – #1
Andrei Nosov – Bright Lights, Big City

Nematolye – Nematolye

Daniel Clarke - Summertime EP

Tim Loud – Born To Lose

Robinson Boone – 2 EP’s

Joseph Kemp - Kaleidoscope


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